With OnCloud Apps you can choose from and install over 50 major open source applications from all major product categories, in just minutes, all for an affordable monthly price. From the central control panel you're easily able to choose the applications you need, and we’ll will handle the rest of the installation for you, saving time and allowing you to focus on the tasks that really matter. A complete toolkit for your business’ IT needs, OnCloud Apps is the go-to solution for a variety of challenges.


In the past, you would need to download and save programs and files to your local computer or servers and would only be able to access them from those particular machines. Now with OnCloud Apps you can have the freedom to work more efficiently from your office - or from anywhere - at any time.


IT Managers know that most often their resources are spent on maintenance, not adding new value. With OnCloud Apps you never have to worry about stressful upgrades or application maintenance. Our streamlined upgrade process ensures that you always have a working instance of the application at all times-because applications that work most of the time are just not good enough. With OnCloud Apps you can be sure that you get the reliable performance that you need without the hassle.